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50ml Plastic Bottles

I have been unable to obtain these, owing to the demand for hand sanitizer, so if you wish to have small quantities of carrier oils, the minimum available will be 100ml until further notice. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


This may seem a weird and unbusinesslike thing to say, but could you please keep the orders to minimum quantities for the time being? I am reaching maximum capacity. Small is beautiful! Thank you.

I am at present working without staff. However, I will be able to supply most of your orders, but please expect some delays in the delivery. 


Thank you for your patience and I hope you keep well.


With all best wishes,

Steve Collins




After much searching, I have finally been able to source some gorgeous, super-luxury Aloe Vera cream to blend with our fragrant Rose Geranium essential oil, producing a cream that soothes, moisturises and freshens even the most delicate skin. We're starting with a 30g trial size alongside the usual 60g jar. Look under Skin Care and Therapy, Creams and Gels on the main menu. 




We've just received a fresh supply of Lime oil. This has been out of stock for a few months, but now it's back, fresh and zingy, to complete our range of Summer Citruses. Check out the Aromatherapy section.


Another new oil: Turmeric

This is a versatile one! See the description under the product listing in the Aromatherapy section, and look at our blog for more details. We've now added this to our well-known massage blend for aches and pains.



Double Creams

Just a brief announcement to let you know that our two best-selling creams: Frankincense and Rose Luxury Cream, and Comfey 'knitbone' therapeutic cream, are now available in 120g jars - twice the normal size -  at a bargain price of £9.50. 

New - Fragrance Blends

We're delighted to announce two new products, which will form the basis of a new range of fragrant essential oil blends. As these will be composed of 100% pure oils there will be therapeutic and mood-enhancing benefits, as well as atractive scents. Unlike conventional perfumes, our fragrance blends will not include synthetics or spirit bases which can irritate and dry the skin. We have chosen Fractionated Coconut as a carrier because it has a low viscosity, and a quality of soothing and softening the skin. To help deliver these benefits, we're putting the blends into handy 10ml rollerball bottles. Our first two blends are:

  • Sweet and Warm - Organic Lavender with Rose Geranium in Fractionated Coconut

  • Fresh and Uplifting - Bergamot and Sweet Brazilian Orange in Fractionated Coconut

So what we're aiming to provide is a beautiful aroma with health-giving properties. We hope you will agree, you can find them in the product-list to the left of this page. 








A new oil in our stable- Rose Geranium

Consider the sumptuous aroma of Rose oil (Otto or Absolute) and the fresh floral essence of Geranium, then put them together. This will give you some idea of of the special fragrance of Rose Geranium, but there is an extra dimension to this extraordinary oil, which originates in the uniquely scented pelargonium roseum (the most gorgeous of over 200 varieties of Geranium). The aroma produces a calming, balancing effect, inducing a feeling of relaxation and well-being. It blends well with Bergamot and/or lavender. For facial creams, try 3 drops of Rose Geranium, with and equal amount of Ylang Ylang and a drop of Bois de Rose in 30g of moisturiser base. 

Comment: 'That Rose Geranium e.o. is heavenly! I've always liked Geranium essential oil, but the Rose Geranium takes it to a new level.' Alison Harriman, Wolverhampton, June 5, 2018. 





Postage & Packaging Policy

Our postage and packing is based on the total weight of your package. As you add more items, the total postage displayed in your basket will increase to reflect the increasing rate. Don't forget to specify the destination (UK, Europe or Rest of the World) of your order, so that we can correctly calculate the postage charges as you add further items.

Most parcels are sent out within 3 working days via Royal Mail, first class post, which should be delivered next day. Parcels over 2kg are sent out via a carrier and will need to be signed for.  If you are not at home, you can leave us with instructions (eg leave with neighbour). Many thanks.