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Dr Jane writes ........

Please bear in mind that, at the moment, you are saving 20% discount as our VAT registration is not yet through.

Re our post and packing policy please note that we use UK Royal Mail, first class post. 99% of orders are received next day and we know this as our clients tell us.  Larger parcels cannot be put through the normal letterbox, so if you are out at work or just out, then leave us instructions to put on the box, eg leave with neighbour at no 22.

We would be grateful for feedback on our services and please use our facebook page for this.  Thank you.  We aim to offer not only the highest quality products available globally, but also the highest service.  We truly welcome any comments as these will allow us to improve.

If you are planning a holiday this year, then now is the time to improve skin tone and condition.  Some products you may want to use are Rose Gel which is just excellent for mature skin.  In fact, it is a best seller and we have many repeat sales.  Also the Frankincense & Rose gel which is also for a more mature skin with the added benefits of frankincense.

We stock a really good After Sun Gel which is ideal to use after exposure to the sun as it prevents sun damage to the skin.

Please keep your eye on this site as there will be plenty coming along which you will find informative, educational and even fun !  Learning is all about confidence and time spent reading and knowing more.  

Over the last 15 years I have been privileged and honoured to meet so many dedicated and commited therapists/students/tutors/clients that the least I can do is share my information.  Bear in mind that administering therapies means communication with your client. That means being able to show knowledge and information.  If, for example, a client/friend who is receiving a therapy asks about the essential/carrier oils you are using then you can answer with specific knowledge.

Good luck and best wishes Jane