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Hydrosols are co-distilled with essential oils. Most essential oils are extracted from the plant by steam. Citrus oils are normally extracted via cold-pressing. So, for example when lavender essential oil is extracted, steam is introduced into the lavender flowers. The oil bursts out of the plant and "dissolves" in the steam. This steam with oil in it, passes over a condensor which cools the steam. The steam returns to water and the oil becomes liquid and, because of differences in density, the oil "sits" on top of the water. Now, the steam which returns to water is called hydrosol (or hydrolat, or floral water) and it is unique because it is saturated with the essential oil. In other words, the maximum amount of oil possible to be dissolved in water without separating. Because hydrosols contain dissolved essential oils, there is no oily phase to cause any potential irritation on sensitive skin. In fact hydrosols relieve irritation and are anti-inflammatory. They are excellent for many therapeutic and medicinal uses.


A wonderful and fragrant hydrosol indeed with a floral, sweet scent and a honey overtone. Stored correctly, lavender hydrosol should last for a few years.

Some ideas for use.....regenerates damaged, fragile skin......sprayed onto sunburn, rashes, insect bites for immediate relief......put in the holiday bag.......cleans cust and scrapes........applied to cotton wool, a good make-up remover and cleanser......reduces skin inflammation after shaving or hair removal.......combine 50:50 with Roman chamomile hydrosol to soothe nappy rash.......add to ready made skin-care products to add fragrance and therapeutic value......very good for over-active children when added to the bath or sprayed onto bed clothes.........a refreshing room spray for home, office, car ......use in a compress on neck, shoulders and forehead for headaches, tension and stress.


The most used of all, usually called "Rose Water".  Co-distilled with Rose Otto essential oil, this UK produced hydrosol is just saturated with Rose Otto oil.

An excellent skin toner for all skin types, but especially for mature skin as it retains moisture in the skin, our unique Rose Hydrosol (also sold as Skin Spritzer in spray bottle and enhanced with Rose Otto oil) has an aroma exactly like a fresh rose flower.  

Moist, cool with a lemony fragrance this hydrosol is highly floral and quite dramatic !.....very stable shelf-life up to a few years if stored correctly......hormone balancer for all ages.....combats PMS....good for devitalised skin.....mildly astringent......anti-wrinkle (use with our unique rose gel).....rejuvenating.......use as a hypoallergenic room spray when chemicals used......good for emotional problems.....a good choice for the holiday bag to use after weather effects on the body and skin.


Co-distilled with Roman chamomile essential oil, this hydrosol is very anti-inflammatory indeed, particularly for itchy, sensitive, inflammed skin.  Very stable when stored correctly. 

Very good for its effects on the nervous system, stress to use on children (dilute with cooled boiled water 50:50)....use to spray childrens bed-linen to induce sleep.......use when breast-feeding to reduce the effects of cracked nipples......nappy-rash redness can be reduced (use diluted)...wonderful for skin care for calming rashes, sensitivities, rosacea, heat rash and sunburn.......use to reduce itching associated with eczema, psoriasis....another holiday bag inclusion.