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Tea Tree Cream ( Melaleuca alternifolia )

Reportedly antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal tea tree is a powerful antiseptic and very useful for treating athlete’s foot. It is also useful for bites, abrasions, burns, cuts and wounds.

Use on spotty teenage skin.  Tea tree essential oil can be used directly on the skin (patch test first of all) and for severe infections, apply some tea tree oil to a cotton wool bud, apply to spot, leave on for a few minutes and then apply tea tree cream (or gel).

Also very effective for athlete's foot and other foot infections (veruccas, fungal nail infections).  Again, apply neat tea tree first of all to the area.  Then apply the tea cree cream or gel. 

You will be very pleased indeed with the results.  We have sold thousands of tea tree cream & gel over the years and provided the advice about using neat tea tree oil first of all.  

In fact, many podistrists in the UK now only advise the use of tea tree for fungal foot infections.

We always knew this !

If the facial skin spots are along the hair line or on the scalp, then use our exclusive tea tree shampoo and conditioner.  

60.00 g
£ 5.50
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